Social Media 101 For Business Owners

Are You Ready To Leverage Social Media The Right Way? Join us on a 30 day Social Media Challenge!

Every existing, start-up, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs could benefit from having a strong social media presence to bring both traffic and visibility to their business or brand, but many entrepreneurs do not know where or how to get started. (Raise your hand if you can relate?!)

Choosing which social networking platform is best for your business is a big decision, and it can be overwhelming. The first step to making a decision is understanding what each platform has to offer and how they can serve your need, and more importantly, serve your audience!

The following are some popular and widely used social media platforms and how they can work for your business!

Instagram - A social platform for posting and sharing pictures and videos (AKA a Millennial magnet!)
Facebook - A social platform for posting photos, comments, videos, and chatting or sharing links to interesting content! (Your holy grail for all the things!)
Twitter - A social platform for sharing news, interests, and photos in short messages (AKA Tweets)
LinkedIn - A social platform for connecting professionals. (Your holy grail for networking!)
YouTube - A video uploading/sharing website for online video networking. (AKA your vlogs and all things videos!)

Having a social media presence for your business is a NECESSITY these days! It is where your current clients and customers will come as well as your future ones. Social media is proven to significantly increase traffic and revenue by increasing the amount of people outside of your current customer base that comes into contact with your product, service, or brand. It is also a great way to build stronger loyalties with your existing customers by offering special deals or gifts via social media to celebrate their dedication to your brand. So let's step up your social media game together!!

Your personal social media coaches, Kay & Shi

We're sister entrepreneurs who love to inspire, motivate, and create. We're moms. We're wives. We're geeks. Seriously, like lord of the rings, star trek type geeks. And we love it. We'd love to add value to you and connect! We own a breakfast/lunch restaurant chain and franchise company called the Squeeze In (that we completely transformed with marketing) and we're the Marketing Mentors for the John Maxwell Team! We have a love for marketing and helping people make marketing work for their businesses!

Hosted by:

Kay & Shi

Our 30 Day Social Media Challenge For You

Whether it is visual storytelling that your company would benefit from, or you are hoping to send out promotions, or you are just wanting to connect to a wider customer base, there is a platform that fits your needs!

Over the next 30 days we are going to share our tips and tricks for upleveling your social media game and making it work for your business! We are going to share consistent content that will allow you to start improving your social media TODAY and build upon it each week with the knowledge and resources we share.

After our 30 days of social media coaching we are hosting a class to dive into all things social media!

During this Facebook class, Social Media 101, We will be discussing the best social media options as well as covering some things to consider when you start using social media to promote your brand, such as:

-How often to post
-What to post
-What information to protect
-How to best promote your social media site(s)

This Facebook class is great for anyone looking to boost business by creating a larger customer base to increase traffic and visibility to their company, product, or service.

Please join us for this enlightening experience. We look forward to helping you achieve your social media goals!

We Can’t Wait To Share With You On October 15th at 12pm!